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On July 17, 2012, Makai Animal Clinic left this threatening message directed at me on their Facebook page, \"While this client still has numerous negative website and postings as well as her own personal website attacking Makai Animal Clinic, we are now consulting with our legal team in regards to a lawsuit pertaining to slander & defammation of charactor against this previous client. We will give her 30 days to remove all the negative postings and sites before proceeding.\" As of July 19, 2012, I have yet to hear from their \"legal team.\"

UPDATE: They removed the threatening post but you can still see another post dated May 21, 2012 (hurry, they will probably DELETE that one too!!!)

Makai Animal Clinic was attempting to literally bully me into taking away my constitutional right to express my opinion about a product or a service. In my opinion it says a lot about a business...

Original review posted by user May 18, 2012

Cashew was my family's 11 year old Golden Retriever. On November 18, 2011, Cashew went to Makai Animal Clinic for a routine operation. We had been taking all 6 of our dogs to Makai for almost 7 years.

Five agonizing months later, Cashew had to be put down. He could no longer fight the 2 deadly, infectious bacteria that that had taken over his body.

Cashew died because Dr. Zane did not look at Cashew's Records (Dr. Zane had taken a blood test about 1 ½ years ago) and gave him a drug (Rimadyl) that tests showed he could not tolerate. The side effects (the drug has many side effects including Death) caused a red, itchy "hotspot" on the top of Cashew's head. The lesion became infected and spread down his face and other lesions appeared on his legs, arms and trunk.

Despite us asking Dr. Zane (3 times) to please take a culture test, Dr. Zane refused but instead kept prescribing different antibiotics.

Throwing different antibiotics at an infection without knowing what it is can be deadly. Overuse of antibiotics is but one of the reasons behind the swift evolution of the "superbugs," the other reason is lack of knowledge.

By the time any tests were taken, it was too late.

Cashew's body has been taken over by 2 potentially deadly, transmittable (between human and animal) bacterial infections (Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) and Beta-Hemolytic Streptococcal (Strep) .

Cashew was eventually put out of his misery.

Dr. Zane/Makai Animal Clinic have refused to take any responsibility but they were more than willing to take over $3,000 from us.

I recommend you avoid this Vet/Clinic at all costs, especially if you love your pet.

I created a website to share Cashew's Story. Please visit it if you want (photos are graphic).


Monetary Loss: $3200.

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You have to get a good laugh out of this one..."Please try to contact Makai Animal Clinic Customer Service directly prior to posting any complaints on this site."

Are they all a bunch of douchebags at this place! Why would any one even bring their animal to this place. Let's see, they don't take care of the dog then they won't talk with the owner and then they threaten to sue the owner...Hmmm...what animal lover would even step foot in such a place???

to a good laugh had by all Honolulu, Hawaii, United States #637709

I will never take my dog there...VETS get away with too much and we must hold them accountable....poor Cashew dog


The above comments from Clarksburg, WV (4 different ID's but same place) is actually the MANAGER of the clinic in question. He posted a Compliment review of his clinic and originally left his ID as Maluniuoahu from Clarksburg, WV and then left a comment from Maluniuoahu but this time he was from Doylestown, Pennsylvania.

Once he got caught he change his ID to Sussex from Clarksburg, WV. You will find his info on his website, Maluniuoahu.us. He owns a rental that he wants to rent out. You can run but you cannot hide.

You are connected with Makai Animal Clinic and you are the person who is leaving nasty, vindictive comments. I hope you are very proud of yourself. Your business ethics leave a lot to be desired. The author of the complaint against the clinic seems a lot more believable right now.

Good job MR. MANAGER!!!


Frankie, Frankie, Frankie...it's NOT slander when it is the TRUTH


I do not believe a word that this slanderer is spreading. She is a bitter vindictive soul. Shame on her!!


Our pet's are our babies,we want them treated well no matter what they are there for.I have dogs and cats so I understand.Unfortunately Vets,and Drs are people too,and can be wonderful or horrible.I have had my share over the years of both kinds.Mistakes are made,people are in a hurry it seems,def not RIGHT..slow down take the time guys its a life here.Pet owners need to remember,we love our pets with all our hearts,mistakes should NOT be made,but its reaility.I am very sick and have been treated that way from Doctors.I have had to remind them of my health,whats going on over and over..I am my best advocate,so are you for yourself,and your pets.Sad but true we shouldn't have to be,we pay Vets and Doctors for that..get a copy of your pets records & your own health records, so you know the content backwards and forwards..less accidents happen that way.I have saved my own life two times because I was so well read on my own records.Drs,and Vets are better when they see we are well read and educated..speak up it's worth it!


"Strange how her views sure changed!!!"

You ***...

The owner of the dead dog is NOT the author of the complaint you pasted in your comment. They never had 6 dogs and 3 puppies. Get your facts straight, ***...

Get a life! :grin :? :cry


DB.Yelp Review


Staff is nice but Doctor isn't personal at all. He didn't even touch my dog when I had to take him in the second time after he hadn't gotten better after the antibiotics they gave him.

The doctor also failed to look at the record from the previous visit and we had to remind him of what happened ourselves. This attitude made it seem like he didn't even care about my dog at all. The doctor gave us steroids and gave wrong directions on how long to wait after stopping the antibiotics before starting the steroids. Two days after starting the steroids my dog died.

There is no direct evidence that the steroids were the cause but we did research online that said you shouldn't start the steroids until 7-10 days after taking the specific antibiotics my dog was on, which the doctor should have known. I do not recommend taking your pet to this vet.


Jen B Yelp Review 6/2010

I absolutely love this place. The people there genuinely care about your animals and are very aware of the expenses and emotions going through every pet owner.

I LOVE Dr. Zane and every time I can I let people know how great I think he is. We have 6 dogs + 3 newborn puppies and the staff is INCREDIBLY caring. It amazed me how the staff members that I have never met before knew me and our dogs by name and have all been very knowledgeable about their animal health care. I can call in and talk to any staff member (well maybe not the receptionists but that's ok) and they will all give me a well-detailed explanation for any question that I have. When you have 6 dogs and 3 puppies there are MANY questions you have since every dog has different issues and conditions.

I think I'm in there about every other month but since we have the puppies we've had to go a little bit more often than that. Dr. Zane may run behind on schedule but he's the most thorough and caring vet we have ever came across. He also does the vaccinations for pet central and works at the humane society on his days off at the clinic. He's nothing short of amazing when it comes to animal care.

My dad is quite the critic of everything in life and when we first came with me to see Dr. Zane he was impressed by how knowledgeable Dr. Zane was and his staff. Dr. Zane seems to educate his staff while he's doing exams and the staff (whether it be a newbie or a vet tech) are all very professional and caring at the same time. We've gone to different VCAs before and let me tell you... We've been forgotten in a exam room for 2 hours, charged exorbitant fees for a simple annual exam (no vaccination included), and don't even get me started on emergency visits! GAH! annoying!

Dr. Zane and the rest of the vets at Makai all are very quick to respond to emergencies so you can expect that they will drop what they're doing to take care of your pet (but let me remind you that it has to be during office hours otherwise you're stuck with ridiculously overpriced VCA in pearl city that'll forget you in the exam room if you're their only customer). One of our dogs just had puppies and it wasn't the ideal pregnancy we had hoped for and after going through the xrays and discussing our options Dr. Zane volunteered to come in on his day off to do her c-section. How many doctors do you know that would do that? Most docs would just say "just come in if they go into labor and whoever is on duty, is on duty"... I didn't even ask him to come in on his day off, he VOLUNTEERED!

Strange how her views sure changed!!!


:upset :sigh :( :cry Get a life!

to NA Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #639213

I understand the debastation of this animal owner. I live in Las Vegas.

I took my beloved Mercy, female dog. To the Las Vegas Veterinarian Specialty Center. My Mercy had a heart condition and the only cardiologist in Town started her treatment. I took her there because I wanted the best for my beloved Mercy.

But the cardiologist prescribed a heart medication that Mercy was alergic to. First she accumulated fluid in her stomach, then soon after she suddenly die. Those are the side effects of that medication "pimobendan". The doctor in this case not only refused to switch the medication, but he without any notice removed himself for the care of my beloved Mercy.

I think that it is a disgrace that these people enter in the field of health care for animals and they hate animals, that is why they care less if they suffer & die. Furthermore, I paid him $7000.00 in less than a month treatment, just to have my beloved Mercy killed with his negligency and deep disregard for my Mercy, who now is in paradise.


What "whole story"? Oh, I see.

You are in Clarksburg, West Virginia and just happen to be at Makai Animal Clinic in Kailua, Hawaii for the past 6 months...that makes a lot of sense.

For the record, ALL of the information written about Makai Animal Clinic can be backed up by records, actually the records that were recorded by Makai Animal Clinic.

For your information, Slander is a malicious, false, and defamatory statement or report. So, I do not know where you got your information "STORY" but at least I know where I got mine and I have the records to prove it...


This woman is grief stricken and there is a whole other story behind her words. She is now taken to slandering the Makai Animal Clinic.

to Shocked Reader Honolulu, Hawaii, United States #637710

What would you do if this happened to you? You might be more compassionate...you think?

Makai clinic needs to step up to the plate and fix the problem and give her back all her money. This won't bring the dog back but will put them under the spotlight.

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